Y Filltir Sgwar – The Square Mile – Tutor feedback and final reflections

Niki South Student number: 514516

The feedback from my Tutor was very encouraging and the developmental points were constructive and useful.

I was pleased that it is noted that I take a self- critical view of my images and working methods (don’t all photographers!) but in a positive developmental way, for instance my comments on the need to use my tripod and filters more.

There were positive comments on my creativity and compositions, with development along the lines that I reflected on: more time taken on site, returning in different weather and lighting, using a tripod and additionally exploring shutter speeds.

As I reflected myself, the images don’t form a truly cohesive theme but more of a documentary, however I accept that this is “fine at this stage”, so I am not going to rework the assignment before submitting aside from the tweaks mentioned below, as it reflects my starting point.

I have responded to my Tutor’s suggestion that I should amplify the reasons why I have chosen some of the images by adding to the narrative for a couple of the images (Neighbourly Rubbish and Boundaries). I have also replaced one of the original images with another from the contact sheets, this is to give more context to the subject (neighbourly rubbish).

I have been given some useful suggestions for reading on lighting control ”Basics photography: Lighting” by David Prakel which I have ordered, a couple of websites to view on lighting, lens and perspectives, as well as several useful suggestions of photographers work to study. I look forward to studying these in addition to building up my research generally.

Most of all I can now take the positives and learning points forward to the next assignment following the exercises in the second section. In particular I will “try to add some extra variety by looking up or down, or by changing shooting height”.

My initial analysis can be found here: https://nkssite.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/y-filltir-swgar-the-square-mile-3/

Link to work submitted to tutor: https://nkssite.wordpress.com/category/assignments/assignment-1/a1-work-submitted-to-tutor/

Link to learning log collecting: https://nkssite.wordpress.com/category/assignments/assignment-1/a1-learning-log/

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