Project 1 The distorting lens

My learning points from Project 1

That focal length combined with viewpoint can distort perspective. Therefore I must be careful when taking street photography portraits, when possible to move towards the subject, rather than zooming in to give the truest image (exercise 2.2).

When using a wide angle lens at a low viewpoint (I usually do this when I want to accentuate a subject) I should try to shoot without lines in the background, or blur them with a large aperture, to ensure that the distortion is not obvious (exercise 2.3).

For portrait shooting I should be aware that using a wide aperture (shallow depth of field), from a distance of about one and a half metres away with a medium focal length is useful for lifting the subject from the background and should add intensity to the eyes (exercise 2.4).

When using a wide aperture, long focal length and close viewpoint to isolate a subject, I should consider the background carefully; the background in the composition is important, even if it will appear blurred. Also I am aware that including a reasonable amount of blurred background, often with some form or lines, may add interest to the image (exercise 2.6).

When using a tripod I must not let it limit or restrict my natural choice of viewpoint, and must challenge myself to use it more often so that I become more accomplished and less impeded by it. I must also ensure that I review the images critically whilst shooting to improve the quality of my tripod shooting output.

These were extremely worthwhile learning exercises for me.


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