Collecting: Crowds -Learning log


On returning home I set about reviewing the hundreds of images that I shot; the first task was to separate my “crowd” shots from my others. Whilst sticking mainly to the brief of a variety of focal length perspective and aperture, I found that I had captured various types of crowd shots: dense, expansive, rural, urban, pedestrian, traffic, vehicles, in various purposes, shapes and colours.

I searched for a combination of visually pleasing and well composed shots. I was forced to abandon a few images that I found interesting and effective as I had inadvertently shot them in portrait mode.

_MG_6214.jpg                         _MG_6236

I then selected the images that I found most powerfully represented crowds, with emotion, social context and energy; at that point I decided to abandon the tourist shots and focus on the local crowds. These were some I abandoned:





I had read about the need to “kill your babies” whilst editing and went about ruthlessly subtracted the images which weren’t so strong, even if I had invested a lot of time or energy collecting them, such as those taken at the railway station:




And those of cramped vehicles:



IMG_8584At this stage I rejected some of my aerial shots as although I wanted to include this perspective they were not as strong as the others individually:



Next I eliminated the images that did not have a good balance and geometry or contained unnecessary clutter, retaining those with layering, some interesting detail. From those that were left I began looking for a set of images that could form a series with a connection and flow, as well as fulfil the technical brief. I wanted a set of images that communicated strongly the essence of crowds, with a common theme or connection; so eventually settled on the images that were mainly shot during one visit to Jodhpur’s streets and central market. I felt that they had a continuity of place, time and colour and also conveyed a variety of emotions and purpose. From these I once again checked for strong individual images with impact, knowing that you are only as good as your weakest image and lastly I ensured that these demonstrated a variety of viewpoint, focal length and aperture.

So I ultimately chose as a common theme for my series, an idea that I had had during my preparations: Crowds with a variety of purposes and energy.



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