Collecting: Crowds – Learning log


Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

I have applied my learning from Part Two projects and exercises, have used different focal lengths, a variety of viewpoints, varied the aperture for different purposes and remembered to consider the backgrounds carefully even if they were to be blurred. I was careful not to distort subjects with focal length and viewpoint and moved towards them when necessary.

I believe I developed some good observational skills whilst shooting on the streets, although this is obviously only the beginning of my journey. I was pleased with many of my compositions and only cropped two of my final images and that was only marginal.

Quality of outcome:

I hope that I have presented my work in a coherent manner and that it makes sense to the viewer. It is hard for me to be subjective about how well the series works and the individual photos, as much as I tried to distance myself and “kill my babies” however I am still of course involved and subjective; this must be a hard skill to develop. I chose during the capturing process to develop the lens work towards local street crowds, when I could have chosen, crowded transport or tourist crowds; did I concentrate my lens work ultimately in the right area.

Demonstration of creativity:

I set out to experiment particularly with aperture, viewpoint and focal length. I was pleased with my results when setting a variety of apertures for effect, and fairly satisfied with my results using different focal lengths. I did experiment a lot with viewpoint but I don’t think that this was reflected in my final images and this tells me that this is an area that I need to persevere with, to get better results.


It was important that I prepared well as I was going to be collecting for the assignment when on holiday and so when on location would not be able to devote myself solely to the assignment. My preparations, research, reading and mind-map of foci that I made helped me enormously to be focused on the brief and my ideas when I was able to shoot for the assignment. I would repeat this exercise for other assignments even if they were to be captured under more ideal circumstances. I continued to read and reflected on my images as I collected them which I had not done for assignment one – This helped to keep me on course.


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