Assignment Four


Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

  • I believe I used my observation skills honed in the last assignment to good effect, seeking out the interesting.
  • As usual I composed in camera and occasionally returned and reshot to improve.
  • I predominantly shot in full manual mode which was new to me to this extent and this gave me greater control especially in the challenging midday sunlight.

Quality of outcome:

  • I think a flexible mind set at the outset of editing enabled me to be more objective when choosing images.
  • I looked for coherence by choosing the images that were “a mystery and support for our imagination” as some of Michael Schmidt’s photographs have been described (Delahaye, 2014) with abstract, distorted and or partial reflections.
  • I thought carefully when presenting them as a series using colour tones alternatively to break the viewer’s rhythm.
  • I hope that I have communicated these ideas clearly in my analysis.

Demonstration of creativity

  • I believe that the images are imaginative and varied in the viewpoints that they present (in a conceptual rather than physical sense).
  • I experimented by testing different types of daylight before settling on midday sunlight.
  • I feel as if I am beginning to develop a personal voice, knowing that I most enjoy working with and using colour to advantage rather than black and white.
  • I think that I took creative risks as I interpreted the brief in an individual way.


  • I reflected throughout the exercises and assignment and have recorded this.
  • I have researched as suggested and in a wider sense.
  • I applied my learning from the exercises when choosing the context for the assignment images.


 Delahaye, L. Cited in: O’Hagan, S (2014) Michael Schmidt Obituary. Guardian online. 28 May 2014: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/may/28/michael-schmidt. (Accessed 27.3.16).



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