You may already have taken some homage photography where you’ve not tried to hide the original inspiration but rather celebrated it. Refer back to your personal archive and add one or two to your learning log together with a short caption to provide a context for the shot.

cas oorthuys orig Cas Oorthuys1953 (Knowles, 2016).

082 PS 1500 Niki South 2016.

Bouys Paul Strand, Ropes and Bouy, 1954 (Jeremy 2015)

newport june 2010 101 PS 1500 Niki South 2016.


Knowles, K (2016) Strange & Familiar: See beautiful Britain change decade by decade. The memo 18th march 2016: (Accessed 20.6.16)

Jeremy (2015) Paul Strand – print acquisition by SNPG. Document Scotland. July 21st 2105:  by Jeremy (Accessed 20.6.16)


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