Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

  • I believe that I have shown a good degree of “looking” for detail, the wider picture, visually pleasing aspects and composition.
  • Unusually I have cropped some of the images, although only two significantly, to ensure that the viewer will be focussed on the aspect that I intended; I felt this was justified in order to focus the viewer where I wanted to, not to improve their composition.
  • Technically the shoot was challenging, with a high degree of movement constantly (wind, sea, and boat), a tight working space moving around crew and equipment, and the sometimes unhelpful position of the sun at a “decisive moment”. I am aware that although I did my best, some of the images may have suffered a little for this, however I still think the aspects and concepts that I present are most important.

Quality of outcome:

  • When shooting I was looking for variety of viewpoints with some difference, but also an awareness of what information these images would offer. I deliberately looked for some images that would be ambiguous and need some unravelling, to maintain the viewer’s interest.
  • During editing after picking a short list of images, I next adopted a more analytical approach than in my last assignment (see my grid in my learning log: https://nkssite.wordpress.com/category/a5-learning-log/).This worked well for me and helped ensure that I met the brief for a variation of “moments” and unique information in each shot.
  • I applied this approach partly to the ordering of the images within the series; but thought foremost about slowly revealing my subject, by not giving away too much in the first images and leaving questions in the viewer’s minds. As a final stage I considered the overall visual effect and balance.
  • I hope I’ve communicated my though processes in my learning log. 

Demonstration of creativity

  • Considering the informational aspects of this assignment I have been imaginative in the way that I’ve approached it. I had to think creatively to present a variety of images of the boat whilst actually contained on it, and am pleased that I thought laterally and included the porta cabin to give a final complete image of the boat.
  • I definitely took risks and initially moved outside of my comfort zone; firstly when seizing the opportunity to shoot this subject for my assignment, “in the moment”. I also took risks with the technical challenges that photographing this subject posed.
  • The assignment brief was not one that I would have chosen and I don’t think it gave me huge scope for showing my personal voice; however in my interpretation I hope that I have shown my creativity, eye for detail, unusual viewpoint and love of shape and colour.


  • I reflected throughout the exercises and assignment and have recorded this.
  • When researching for the assignment I first explored documentary photography, but realised that this wasn’t really relevant as the brief was encouraging me to present something I was comfortable with and  say something about me. I then explored the way that we read images to help me put the series together, as I realised that they would reflect my specific viewpoint “We need not only to see the image, but also to read it as the active play of a visual language “(Clarke, 1997, p 29).
  • I also researched throughout the exercises and recorded this on my blog.
  • I thought critically to consider how my images, and the order of them, would affect the way they were read by the viewer. I was also aware that as most viewers would not be sailors, the literal meaning, which Clarke (p 30, 1997) calls denotative, would be more accessible than the connotative visual clues; for instance the dangling legs of the passengers sitting on the boom suggesting the sea conditions were benign and how the sails used and their fullness give clues as to the wind and sea conditions.
  • Reflecting on what the subject says about me , I would hope it shows my love of sailing, outdoors, and history, the importance of a personal connection, as well of my sense of adventure; see my Assignment notes: https://nkssite.wordpress.com/category/a5-analysis/
  • Choosing The Jolie Brise as my subject also told me how much my confidence and photographic skills had developed over a year, as when I sailed on her a year ago I took very few photos.


Clarke, G (1997) The Photograph. New York. Oxford University Press.


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