Niki South Student number: 514516

All of my work for Expressing My Vision is contained in this blog

THE BLOG is in the standard format of descending date order, however all entries can be accessed using the category tabs on the horizontal header bar.

To view my final work submitted for assessment click on the “Submissions” tab and select the relevant assignment on the drop down menu. This category also includes my Final analysis as well as my reflections on formative feedback.

To view the work that I originally submitted to my Tutor click on the “Assignments” tab, select the relevant assignment on this drop down menu, and then the horizontal “work submitted to tutor” tab.


My PDF Tutor reports are in my google drive. Should it be helpful to you I have also included in the google drive copies of my final submission images.


Within one box are:

  • One Tutor reports folder (Assignments 1-5)
  • Five folders containing hard copy word documents of each of the five submitted (reworked) assignments along with the original work submitted to my Tutor (one folder per assignment).
  • Two Print boxes. One containing two sample prints each from Assignments 1, 2, 4 & 5. One box containing all print images from the print assignment 3 (7 prints)