Collecting: Crowds

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My tutor feedback was thought provoking and useful. He highlighted lots of strengths such as my planning, the quantity and range of pictures taken, the variations of camera position and framing and my critical analysis. The main area that needed development was to select an effective set of images from such a range, as he felt that I had omitted some interesting images during the editing process.

Having stepped back from the assignment for a while, I believe that I concentrated too much on trying to create a series with a theme (a journey through a town) in addition to that already running through them (Indian crowds). I have now revisited the images choosing those that show a variety of crowd dynamics, depth of field, perspective and shutter speed but most importantly interest.

In my final set I have retained five of the original images (directing, gathering, carrying, embracing and waiting), added five from the contact sheets  (anticipating, travelling, riding, and crossing) and swapped one of my “meeting” images for another. I do feel that with these changes the set is stronger.

My major learning from the assignment is how to select a range of images that can be drawn together by a common theme, to produce a coherent body of work that tells a story. To do this I must learn to trust my instincts, develop my own vision and voice when editing, just as I trust my instinct when capturing.

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However these mind map summarise the narrative of the preparations, post shooting and editing notes contained in the learning log:


IMG_1551 mind map preparations

Post shooting notes:

IMG_1552 mid map post shooting

Editing notes:

IMG_1556 mindmap editing 2