Project 2 Visual skills

Exercise 1.4 Frame

2) Take a good number of shots, composing each shot within a single section of the viewfinder grid. Don’t bother about the rest of the frame! When you review the shots, evaluate the whole frame, not just the part you’ve composed. IMG_9440 enh IMG_9495 enh

In these images the picture is composed in the top right sector. Both of these work compositionally for me as I accidently also used rule of thirds and leading lines, it seems I just can’t get away from it!  

IMG_9448 enh IMG_9450 IMG_9465 enh

IMG_9444 enh  IMG_9511 enh IMG_9460

These images were composed in the top left sector. Interestingly the last three images here do work compositionally as a whole, as they have a leading line to facilitate this giving a relationship to the frame, leading the viewer into the image and thus creates a balance. Again this was not done on purpose, when I composed the shot my conscious brain was only on the picture in the top left sector of the frame; however once again my sub conscious brain seems to have taken over the composition. The others look completely wrong as there are no points that have a balanced relationship to the frame.

IMG_9462 enh   IMG_9463 enh IMG_9519

This set of images are composed in the bottom right sector. The first two don’t work at all as whole compositions; there are no relationships to the frame and nothing to lead the eye into the image. The last image could work as a whole composition, as the many lines that intersect the frame lead you into the picture and create more of a balance, even though the interest is mainly in the bottom right sector of the whole image.

2) Select six or eight images that you feel work individually as compositions and also together as a set. Add the images to your learning log together with technical information such as camera settings, and one or two lines containing your thoughts and observations.

IMG_9495 enh

1/800 f/14 ISO 200

IMG_9465 enh IMG_9511 enh  IMG_9462 enh

1/800 f/11 ISO 200                1/640 f/16 ISO 200        1/800 f/16 ISO 200


1/800 f/13 ISO 200

                                                                     IMG_9444 enh

                                       1/500 f/10 ISO 200

My observations:

As you would expect, composing a shot in one sector of the viewfinder leads to an unbalanced and unpleasing image. However this can be improved if in addition there are leading lines or lines entering and leaving the frame. I guess this is because the leading lines generally lead the viewer to the focus point, without which the focus or focal point of the image would not be clear and the image would therefore be confusing to the viewer.