Part 2 Imaginative spaces

Project 2 Lens work

Look back at your personal archive of photography and try to find a photograph that could be used to illustrate one of the aesthetic codes discussed in Project 2. Whether or not you had a similar idea when you took the photograph isn’t important; find a photo with a depth of field that ‘fits’ the code you’ve selected. The ability of photographs to adapt to a range of usages is something we’ll return to later in the course. Add the shot to your learning log and include a short caption describing how you’ve re-imagined your photograph.

I researched the work of suggested photographers: Ansel Adams, Fay Godwin, Gianluca Cosci, Mona Kuhn, Kim Kirkpatrick and Guy Bourdin and decided that whilst I particularly admired the work of Ansel Adams, Gialuca Cosi and Guy Bourdin, the photographer who I was most likely to find a similar image to in my own archive was Fay Godwin.

The sense of expansive but restricted space in the photographs, communicated through Godwin’s use of deep depth of field, presents the message of the book in a subtly visual way.” Expressing your Vision course book, Open College of the Arts, Rob Bloomfield 2014.

Fay Godwin

Fay Godwin

Margaret Drabble describes her as the most poetic of photographers, known for her bleak landscapes:

“She set out on a long journey into the wilder landscapes of Britain, sometimes in company, sometimes alone, often on foot, and built up over time a body of work that reflects a deep sense of place and the poetry of place.”

“She developed a keen sense of space and topography, patiently waiting for the light or the sky to respond to her needs, learning to battle for permissions to enter forbidden or forbidding terrain. There is a deep loneliness in some of her images, a sense of desolation…” (accessed 28.10.15).

Tim Larkin describes her use of sky and light as “a consistently beautiful timing in capturing a sky that supports the rest of the picture”, (accessed 28.10.15).

I trawled through my archive looking for images in the style of Fay Godwin and thought that this would be easy for me as I take lots of landscape images, however this was not the case. Most of my landscape images contain the coast or the sea and of those that didn’t there were few that were actually taken at f22 or with a particularly small aperture. The two below that I did find I have converted to black and white to fit the brief, however neither successfully conveyed the empty wasteland of Fat Godwin’s images.

_MG_2050 newport spring 15 St D BW v2

        1/200 f22 ISO 400

007 newport sp 11 12 28.10.11 BW con

1/60 f22 ISO 200

So whilst out walking today I tried for a couple of shots that might communicate  this better:

_MG_4480 bw

1/8 f22 ISO 800

This is not a shot I would have normally taken, I took it only to fulfil the Fay Godwin brief; it is not pretty but is closer to her style than my previous images I think.

This next image is more personally pleasing to me; I actually shot it for another purpose (the light and the colour, which has now been taken out!). I do think that the expansiveness of the shot accentuated by the large depth of field, is closer to the style of Fay Godwin than my previously selected images.

_MG_4461 bw

1/125 f22 ISO 400